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 Oxsana siberian cats are raised in a home cattery in central Illinois. Our mission and goal is to raise and place healthly, colorpoint friendly siberian kittens in homes. We breed for pleasant personality,unusual color and good conformation according to CFA/TICA standards. You will find our kittens are well socialized around the entire family. They are very intelligent and unique with dog-like characteristics.. They are very affectionate, will play softly with children and will get to know your dog. They also, are the perfect pet if you have cat allergies. Less dander and shedding than other cat breeds. Considered hypoallergenic cats.

Siberian kittens planned for Spring 2020.

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Kittens are all colorpoints with blue eyes. Kittens come with CFA registration, vet checks, health guarentee, wormed and age appropriate vaccinations. Shipping is available if needed. 




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Oxsana Siberian Cats

Adult Available

Margo. Adult Siberian Female. Available July 2019


Margo is 6 years old. Spayed. Very healthy. vet checked. up to date on shots, wormers. Very loving cat. Using litter box everytime. She gave us the most beautiful kittens over the years, now its her turn to be a pet only kitty.

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Oxsana Siberian Cats

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DO NOT USE kittens@oxsanasiberians.com. Someone claiming to be me is using it.. Due to the popularity of my kittens, someone is is using my previous namebrand Oxsana Siberians . Their website has my cats/kittens photos for sale on it. They are scammers.

About Siberian Cats


 Siberians have been around for at least one thousand years as far as recorded history. They were first mentioned in Harrison Wier's book Our Cats and all About Them, which included information about one of the earliest cat shows held in England in 1871. However, finding written information in Russia is fairly difficult. Despite the fact that the Siberian is a natural breed and is the national cat of Russia, its very ubiquity makes it taken for granted rather than worthy of note in Russian literature. Add to this the vast expanse of Russia which encompasses 13 time zones as well as a multitude of ethnic and cultural diversity and you have a cat that seems as difficult to standardize as the country which gave rise to it. 



The Siberian was first imported in 1990. Despite it's popularity the Siberian is extremely rare in the United States. Most breeders have waiting lists for their kittens.

The Siberian, considered a semi longhair, has a rich full coat in the winter while the summer allows for a somewhat shorter less dense coat. The Siberian can come in just about every color of the rainbow but because of the rarity of the breed those colors may not be available in your neighborhood. The Siberian was accepted into the Miscellaneous class by CFA on February 6, 2000.



The Siberian tends to be both a great problem solver and also, rather like dogs, are loyal to their adopted families which is why they are so well suited to the households in which one spouse, usually a husband or significant other, professes to be a "dog person" not a "cat person." Often it is that same "dog person" who is greeted at the door by their Siberian and after being dutifully followed around the house by their Siberian, then decides that one Siberian is simply not enough! Siberians are extremely agile and can leap great distances and heights to "fly through the air with the greatest of ease!" However, their agility also means they usually navigate potentially breakable brick-a-brac without leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Prudence dictates that one would still want to think twice about placing a Ming Dynasty vase on the mantle. A delightful combination of the flying Walenda's and the sleuth "the Pink Panther," the Siberian is a zany mixture of both. Expect the unexpected when sharing your home with a SiberiaPricing on Siberians usually depends on type, applicable markings and bloodlines distinguished by Grand Champion (GC), National, National Breed and/or Regional winning parentage (NW, BW, RW) or of Distinguished Merit parentage (DM). The DM title is achieved by the dam (mother) having produced five CFA grand champion/premier (alter) or DM offspring, or sire (father) having produced fifteen CFA grand champion/premier or DM offspring. Usually breeders make kittens available between eight and sixteen weeks of age. Kittens have had their basic inoculations and developed the physical and social stability needed for a new environment, showing, or being transported by air. Keeping such a rare treasure indoors, neutering or spaying and providing acceptable surfaces (e.g. scratching posts) for the natural behavior of scratching (CFA disapproves of declawing or tendonectomy surgery) are essential elements for maintaining a healthy, long and joyful life. Copyright CFA

Hypoallergenic -READ



Siberian Cat Hypoallergenic

After suffering from cat allergies many years, I discovered that I am not allergic to the Siberian breed. Siberian breeders have thought that the Siberians may have reduced cat allergens called FEL D1. This allergen is extremely potent. Secretions from the glands of the skin are the primary source of FEL D1, but it is also deposited on the fur through the saliva when they clean themselves. Eventually the allergen flakes off and becomes airborne to trigger the symptoms that characterize allergies to cats. Some reports have shown that 75-80% of cat allergy sufferers are not or less allergic to Siberians. If possible it is best to visit a neutered/spayed Siberian in person or contact me for a hair sample. I may know of someone in your area who owns a siberian. It is believed that neutered/spayed Siberians have even less FEL-Dl than the Siberian breeder cats. Also,check with more than one breeder, you may be allergic to one bloodline but not another. Everyone's allergies are different. Here at Oxsana Siberian Cats, we pick very low fel d1 breeders. Hypoallergenic cats. Beware of siberian breeders who preach that the solid or tabby siberians are more hypoallergenic than the colorpoints. I and several other siberian colorpoint owners who suffer from cat allergies are proof that they are hypoallergenic. Do your homework before choosing a breeder. Also, keep in mind that hypoallergenic means less allergic as opposed to non-allergic. You may not be allergic or you may have significantly less symptoms with a siberian.

I have successfully placed male and female kittens in homes with clients with cat allergies. Males and females have the same personality, the only difference is size. Males are larger.

Dr. Oz owns a siberian cat. See his pet and allergy clip showing him with his siberian cat.http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/pets-and-allergies

Happy Owners

Happy Owners


 Hi Joanie, I can't remember if I told you or not, but Elphie did splendidly at the Midwest Regional CFA cat show on May 30th in Springfield, MO. Here is a link to see pictures from the show. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=130484&l=23aa113c9d&id=658745882 Elphie not only was best in breed for the Siberian Premier category. She also was called back for two all breed finals. In one she received Second Best Longhair Cat in Premiership and the other she received Best Longhair Cat in Premiership. So she has two Rosettes. We're so proud of her. Since there were 22 cats in Longhair premiership, she currently has 39.9 points which is over half way to getting Grand Premiership which only needs 75points instead of 200 like Grand Championship. I hope you're doing well, Erin

Hi Joanie, We've been meaning to send you an update for a while, as well as a picture. We'll send you one soon still, but I just wanted to let you know about our new cat. We've named him 'Max Purrkofiev Meowskovsky.' His last names were inspired by a couple of favorite Russian composers of ours, Prokofiev and Myaskovsky. We absolutely love Max! He's really playful and personable, and he can be sweet and lovable at times, or full of attitude at other times. We like that (most of the time...). Recently he's learned to fetch. He'll chase down one of those squishy balls and bring it back to us for more. And he's such a beautiful cat too! We'll pick a photo and send you one soon. Thanks again for everything! -Jason and Martha

Hello, I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you very much again. We are absolutely in love with our kitten. He is so friendly and well adjusted, I have never had a kitten that was as relaxed and gentle. We are extremely happy with him. Thanks Again! The Schinke's

 Hi Joanie, I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that everything is going great with our little boy kitty, he's just simply adorable and a hoot! He's constantly entertaining us with his energy and curiosity. He's so lovable and sweet - always is eager to be pet, picked up, and played with. He also likes following us around the apartment to see what we're up to and be part of the action, and LOVES grocery bags! We found out he has a want for human food, so he trys to get in the fridge and eat whatever my boyfriend are eating, but we did get the squirt bottle, so he's been good about learning to not jump on the kitchen counter and getting at our dishes. Very smart kitten. He's been using the litter box just fine and regularly eats his food that we give to him in the mornings. He's also fascinated by running water, so it's very funny to watch him look at me while I'm brushing my teeth or washing my face. He's just such a joy, and it's so great having him around. We love when he sleeps on our laps on the couch too, he just zonks out within seconds! A couple questions I have for you real quick - do you recommend getting a cover for the litter box? I haven't put one on yet just so he gets used to the box, and I put a mat underneath to catch the litter. Also, do you recommend bathing him every so often while he's a kitten? I know that cats keep themselves clean well, but just wanted to see if it's something I should do. Hope you had a good drive home! Thanks again so much. Tasha

Hi Joanie, Chloe is doing great.......knows the whole house already. She is soooo sweet. She falls asleep on my lap...she's very affectionate. She is so funny.....I bought her a bed that looks like a tent.............she was in it rolling all around the floor. Barbara

Rusty is doing great! Of course you may use us as a referral! He is so loving and has to be near me ALL the time! He even sits on my lap when I’m at the computer! :) My in-law’s, who live in Texas, fell in LOVE with him when they last visited and are looking into getting one of their own! They found a breeder in Texas. Here are some pictures of him. He finds places to sleep EVERYWHERE and is getting so big! Thanks for checking in on him! :) Deanne

Hi Joanie, Sorry for the delayed reply. Busy, busy. Anyhow, I wanted to extend a grateful THANKS for this adorable creature!! Isabelle, Izzy, or Baby as she is called by all of us, is absolutely wonderful, loving, affectionate, and playful. Her favorite things are the Kitty Condo and a toy that you hold a stick and it has a fabric rope that they can hunt as you pull it. She is obviously adjusting very well. I don't think any animal can ask for a more loving home. And we are very lucky to have her! She sleeps with me the entire night...doesn't leave the bed once!! Then she wakes me up with kisses, rubs, and loud purring. I am her momma! None of my previous cats have slept the entire night. Maybe she will become more nocturnal when she gets a little older. I have taken pictures but they are still in my camera (35mm). I will email them next week after I get them developed. I'll be in touch- Paige

Hi Joanie, It was very nice to finally meet you and your daughter yesterday. Thank you so much for giving Hobbes a great start. He is amazing and has exceeded our expectations already. He seems to have fit right in with us, is very at ease and is such a little love bug. His motor never stops. Maybe we should have called him 'Diesel'. He hasn't officially been introduced to Cali yet; we'll wait a bit for that. He will be going to the vet tomorrow morning to be checked over, but he seems to be doing great - lots of energy, a healthy appetite and appropriate use of the litter box. He is such a sweetheart. I know we are going to really enjoy him. The friend I mentioned a few weeks ago hasn't met him yet, but I'm sure he will charm her as much as he does us. She said her kids are wanting a puppy instead of a kitten, but meeting Hobbes may change their minds. If so, I'm sure she'll be contacting you before long. Thanks again for everything. I'll keep you posted on his progress if you like. Take care and have a wonderful summer, Karen 

Hi Joanie, Kitty is adjusting very well, she didn’t even mind the Christmas company, and overnight guests. I had to send you this picture, it’s so cute. Take Care, KT Katherine

Joanie, McGwire (that is what we named him) is doing great. There was a little hissing at first but now they chase each other through the house and when they get tired they lay beside each other and take a nap. We absolutely love him. I have had some people ask where we got him and they want your phone number. Can you tell me if you have any more kittens left, what color and if not, are you expecting any soon? Thanks. Bev

Just wanted to let you know that our kitten has been a wonderful addition to our family. My daughter was so excited. Thank you again for everything we couldn't be happier. AshleyHi Joanie, He's a fun, active guy with loads of personality. He's awesome. Merry Christmas! Jason

HI Joanie! Hope all is well...I just wanted to send you a 1 year picture of Hope as her birthday was last week. She is so much fun and still "wipes" her tail back and forth when she is excited. She has been an absolute joy in my life and I am so happy I found your website. Anyways, just thought you might be curious to see how beautiful she has grown up to be just like her mom... Take care... Mindy

Hi Joanie, Our kittens (now 14 months old) are doing great. We named ours Leo and my mother-in-law named hers Bear. They have play dates together at least twice a week and still get along like kittens. They get into trouble like kittens sometimes, too. Bear loves opening packages in the pantry. Leo gets his toys all over the house. They stay together when we go on vacations. Leo absolutely loves the kids! Even when they have friends over and it gets loud he has to be right in the middle of things. He's hilarious the way he lays on his back with his back legs sprawled out facing the sky. Leo sleeps with our oldest (11 year old daughter) every night. He really took to her early on. The kids still can't leave him alone and play with him constantly. Our youngest (9 year old daughter) dresses him up, takes him for 'walks' outside, and holds him like a baby doll all day long. He doesn't seem to mind. Our middle (10 year old son) plays a little more physical with him and they run around the house together. The vet's office just oohs and ahhs over how handsome they are. He's sleeping in the chair behind me right now after crying for a few minutes after the kids went to school this morning. He cries every morning after they leave. Thanks again for the wonderful additions! Mark

Hi, Joanie! The flame point is Porsche and the tortie is Kudzu (like the ivy that grows all over the South... she's always crawling all over us. She especially likes to be near your face & neck). Love them both! You predicted it correctly. When we got home, the second kitten wanted no part of being isolated in another room. She came out immediately and made herself at home. She was not shy or afraid at all. Porsche spent a day hissing and growling, but now they play and chase each other around the house. Thanks again for two extraordinary kittens! Judy Joanie, I just wanted to thank you so much, I don't even know how to put it in words... Murphy is doing GREAT, he has such a sweet personality, and gets along with everyone, he has even pushed the dogs around to let them know who's boss (and it is Murphy)... Murphy is just the cutest & sweetest little guy, and follows me around all day long. This is the only cat that I have ever been able to touch and hold and pet without any kind of allergic reaction, it is amazing... He loves his cat tower/condo, Murphy rough houses on it every morning and evening... Thank You Sooo Much, Diane

Hi Joanie, Martha and I saw that you have red lynx points available. We really love Max. He's a great guy, and we've been considering getting him a buddy. Do Siberians get along with other Siberians? Our allergies have been fine too, so we don't think that would be a problem. He's the most beautiful, fun, and lovable cat we've ever known! -Jason

Hi Joanie, I just wanted to pass along a few recent photos of our baby boy, Bauer. He's just so handsome and has brought so much love and playfulness into our home. We can't get enough of him! :) Thanks again. Best, Tasha